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Play Station 3 News: Keeping up to Date and Setting the Bar in the Game Console Wars

Playstation 3, the third in the Playstation series, is Sony’s seventh generation era game console.

Users of Playstation in Japan and the United States will not have to wait much as the Playstation 3 will be released on November 2006. However, for those in Europe and Australasia, they have to wait until March 2007 for the release of the PS3. Reports say that this has been so because of the shortfall in the production of diodes which are used in Blu - ray optical drives.

The Playstation 3 will be released in two types of configurations. The first type includes a 60 - GB familiar hard disk, memory card readers, and Wi - Fi support. The second version does not have the Wi - Fi characteristic and awareness card, and is designed only with a 20 - GB hard drive.

Aside from the 20 - GB or 60 - GB console, a PS3 package contains the following units: 1 controller, 1 Ethernet cable, 1 power telecast, and 1 USB cable.

Sony has announced in their news that Playstation 3 will be supporting a mouse and keyboard play — something PC gamers entrust surely welcome. The mouse and keyboard shall be connected to the PS3 console via the USB. However, it is still not clear whether any USB mouse or keyboard can connect to the unit console, or if only selected peripherals will be allowed. Moreover, Sony posted that Playstation Portables shall join to PS3 by board of Bluetooth. The PSP may act seeing remote controls for the console. Stifle that, PS3 gamers can browse folders and files without having to leave their seats. In addition, films and photos can be transferred between the two gadgets. However, the PSP cannot operate as a PS3 controller.

Game enthusiasts and Playstation lovers have always wanted to be up - to - date with the latest stories, particularly with the Playstation 3.

Recently, the Sony Corporation warned the public of potential scams for the just upcoming game console. Sony told the public to be careful mask pre - orders using the internet.

The account of Sony stated that various web sites make use of discounts and other promotional offers as their bait to possible customers.

Sony, however, did not specify which web sites participate in such scams. They advised the possible buyers to be careful when pre - ordering online and to buy online from registered and official sellers.

On other news, Sony has released a record of its window game titles. The games listed are expected to be launched within the first six months. Some of these titles include:

* Fight Night Round 3
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines
* Call of Duty 3
* NBA 2k7
* Genji: Days of the Blade
* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Sonic the Hedgehog
* F. E. A. R.
* Marvel: Ultimate Allliance
* Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
* Untold Legends of Dark Kingdom
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
* Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
* Tom Hawk’s Project 8

Another recent narration reports that Sony disclosed that the SIXAXIS, PS3’s wireless controller, would clock in veil non - removable batteries. This means that when the batteries are depleted, the users would have to buy another. Of course, this has raised controversies since the controllers are expansive.

In defense, a spokesman of Sony stated that their controllers are equipped secrete the most advanced Lithium Polymer batteries. As such, the battery life is projected to last many years. They guaranteed that in case of failure of their items, Sony consign provide service for the items.




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